luni, 8 iunie 2009

Home Stay

This weekend I had the great opportunity to spend few days in a Japanese family due to „Home stay Program”. Few weeks ago I enrolled this program being, as a scientist always is, very curious and eager to learn new things not only in my research field but also about the country I live in now, the fascinating culture and wonderful people. Friday evening after a long and busy week I met my host: Maruyama family. Nanae san is the mother of 7 years old Haruna and 7 months old Hiruna. As a coincidence, she was born when I came to Japan, so her age would remind me of the great time spent here.

To get to know each other we went to a family club named Hippo where parents come with their children and learn together foreign languages by playing games, singing and having fun. I introduced myself and my country, taught them some Romanian words and I was very surprised to see how well Nanae speaks French. She told me she spent one month in Paris studying. It's great considering the time I needed to learn French...

Saturday morning we went to see Hamamatsu Airpark. For me was the second time but since I love planes I had a great time. We also enjoyed a 3D movie that made us feel as we were flying on a military aircraft over the mountains, the ocean and over Fuji san.

For lunch we met Serbesa san's family, one of Nanae san's friends, also a host family in home stay program. I ate my favorite sashimi at a traditional Japanese restaurant and then enjoy foot onsen while we were admiring the ocean.

The afternoon at Hamamatsu omiagi pie factory was not just interesting but especially delicious, as well as the dinner we had at home with some neighbors. We cooked Japanese (takoyaki) and I also taught them to make crepes with blueberry and strawberry filling. The best was playing with Haruna chan, she's a very clever girl, and we got along very well even though my Japanese speaking abilities are not so good and she doesn't speak English. The day ended very late after a Romanian language lesson and, of course, long girl chatting.

Sunday we had a traditional Japanese breakfast with misou soup and rice and grilled salmon, and she was very surprised (as I was too :P) that I enjoyed nato some soya beans that smell not so good for some people and many foreigner but also many Japanese don't like this kind of food. I must say that it tasted good, and I think I shall eat again. The afternoon was very interesting to me as I got the chance to visit the school where Haruna chan learns because she had a sport game.

Since the dogiball game ended a little later than expected we had no time to cook but we enjoyed Indian food at a restaurant near the house. For me was the first time to eat Indian curry and it was really delicious. I promised to cook some authentic Romanian food next time when we shall meet, and I'll be prepared with all the ingredients because they are not so easy to find.

I’m very happy I had the chance to join this program. I had a great experience on Japanese life and now I got also new friends!

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